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Copyright is a specialized branch of civil law, the purpose of which is to control the powers and relationships in the intellectual property environment among writers and literature, composers and music, scientists and inventions.

The objects of copyright are:

  • literary written works of fiction, journalistic, scientific, technical or other nature;
  • speeches, lectures, speeches, sermons, and other oral works;
  • computer programs;
  • Database;
  • musical works with and without text;
  • dramatic, musical and dramatic works, pantomimes, choreographic and other works created for stage display, and their production;
  • audiovisual works;
  • works of fine art;
  • works of architecture, urban planning, and gardening art;
  • photographic works, including works made in ways similar to photography;
    works of applied art;
  • illustrations, maps, plans, drawings, sketches, plastic works related to geography, geology, topography, technology, architecture, and other fields of activity;
  • stage processing of works and processing of folklore, suitable for stage display;
    derivative works;
  • collections of works and other composite works provided that they are the result of creative selection;
  • translation texts for duplication, dubbing, etc.

A related right is a type of intellectual property rights aimed at protecting the interests of individuals and legal entities that contribute to the creation of works that, after creation, become available to the general public.

Objects of related law are:

  • performances and staging;
  • phonograms (sound recordings);
  • radio and television broadcasts (over-the-air and cable broadcasting);
  • database content;
  • publications of previously unpublished works of science, literature, and art (objects of copyright).


  • Copyright protection
  • Copyright, as a general rule, is valid throughout the life of the author
  • Copyright arises from the creation of a work

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