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An identification number (TIN) is an individual number that confirms the registration of each individual taxpayer in a special State register of the country.


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  • Obtaining an Identification number: 1200 UAH



Name of service Term
Obtaining an Identification number 3 working days
Obtaining a duplicate of the Identification number from 20 minutes to 2 hours


Name Client Corplex
Application - +
Translation of a passport into Ukrainian with notarization - +
Document confirming the legality of stay on the territory of Ukraine + -
Notarised power of attorney + -


  • Identification number (TIN)


  • Can I get a TIN code without entering the territory of Ukraine?

    Yes, you can. If you did not enter the territory of Ukraine, we can also obtain a TIN without your stay in Ukraine. To do this, you only need to issue a power of attorney (legalize it in the country of issue) and send it to us by any international postal service convenient for you.

  • What is the TIN for?

    According to Ukrainian legislation, a foreign citizen must necessarily obtain a TIN in such cases:
    - for the procedure for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit;
    - purchase of real estate;
    - establishment of a legal entity;
    - conclusion of notarial transactions;
    - open bank accounts;

  • For how long is the TIN issued?

    TIN is assigned for life

  • Can I opt out of the TIN?

    According to the current legislation, you can refuse to receive an individual tax number (according to the Order of the Ministry of Revenue "if the assignment of such is contrary to religious beliefs", but there is no need to prove such a "contradiction" to the state body in the legislation)

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