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About the service:

ICO (Initial coin offering) is a form of attracting investment in new technology projects and startups in the form of emission and sale of new cryptocurrencies to investors. Also used as “initial token offering”. For the implementation of ICO projects, our company has developed theoretical and practical modules. Structuring and organization of the Project’s business processes.

1. Choosing a jurisdiction and registering a company for the ICO.
2. Opening a cryptocurrency account.
3. Opening a bank account in fiat currency.
4. Budgeting.
5. SWOT analysis of the Project.
6. Concept development – White Paper.
7. Development of the necessary legal documentation for the ICO.
8. Site design.
9. Content for the site.
10. IT development.
11. Setting up an advertising company.
12. Launching the Project at ICO.
13. Support and development.

Choice of jurisdiction and required documents for ICO.
To organize an ICO, we propose to use jurisdictions with preferential factors:

– 0% corporate income tax;
– loyal legislative regulation;
– the ability to open accounts in banks in Europe;
– the possibility of obtaining licenses for financial and other activities;
– lack of corruption and fiscal issues.

Development of legal documents for ICO:

– White Paper is an information memorandum, which is the main marketing document according to which investors decide to invest in a startup project. White Paper contains information about the goals of the project, the team of creators, partners, mentors and other persons involved in the development.
Terms & Conditions – a public offer, which is addressed to an indefinite circle of persons. This document contains the detailed terms of the contract with cryptoinvestors and it is necessary to approach it as responsibly and carefully as possible, since it lays down the main obligations to investors.
Privacy Policy – personal data processing policy.
KYC / AML Politics – clause regarding verification and identification of clients.
Development of the Token / Cryptocurrency sale agreement – Agreement for the sale of tokens (cryptocurrency).

Legal assistance in obtaining a financial license:
– advising on licensing conditions;
– registration of the application;
– development of rules on combating money laundering;
– development of the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure;
– development of rules applicable in case of international sanctions.


  • "Finance, business, the legislation". Blockchain application in Fintech, Govtech, business and social projects. Legislative regulation of cryptocurrencies: the experience of different countries.
  • "IT development". Blockchain solutions in action. Creation of smart contracts and blockchain-based services. Code review, practice, acquaintance, and communication with developers.
  • “ICO launch and marketing”. Formation of knowledge about the project and attraction of interest from investors. Existing marketing "chips" in the ICO world. Marketing strategy structuring.

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