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We have successful expertise in the areas of IT, retail, HoReCa, pharmaceuticals, construction, M&A, full support for Start-Up projects, the entry of foreign companies into the Ukrainian market.

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  • In collaboration with Corplex, its employees showed a high level of qualification and knowledge. All tasks were successfully implemented. The competence of specialists allows the company to provide professional services in a short time and with high quality.
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    OSTCHEM Holding

    Matteus Ebinal

  • mimacom, an international IT company with offices on three continents, has been successfully cooperating with Corplex for many years. Corplex, as a company with a high reputation in the Ukrainian market, was transferred to accounting for outsourcing, as well as the provision of a number of legal services in the format of subscription services for mimacom Ukraine.
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    mimacom Ukraine

    Yuliia Romanyuk

  • Corplex have established themselves as professionals in their field who are responsible for the interests of their clients and are always motivated to get the desired result as soon as possible, in accordance with the applicable laws. We recommend Corplex as a responsible, reliable, and stable partner with a high level of competence, with great potential and practical experience in the provision of legal services.
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    Mr. Krzysztof Stanislaw Wolniak

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